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the Xploding frog

autobiographical narrative, fanciful story-telling, scatological commentary on the human condition

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There was a frog once lived in a well. This well was the whole world to this frog. He knew exactly where it began and exactly where it ended. Then one day a frog who lived next to the ocean hopped up for a visit. The well frog asked the ocean frog how big was the ocean...? The ocean frog said "well, it's a lot bigger than this well!" "Well! Well!" said the well frog, "this I have to see for myself!" So next day they hopped off together to visit the ocean. And sure enough it was much much bigger than the well frog had ever dreamed or imagined : it seemed to have no beginning and no end...It blew his mind and his head exploded!

the wisdom of the ages

There are some things we know and some things we don't know. Some things we think we know and some things we thought we knew. Some things we know we don't know and some things we don't know we don't know.. And some things we suspect we'll never know, in this lifetime anyway, cause they're unknowable...But you never know, I could change my mind at any moment. Somebody comes along and tells me something I didn't know before, but now I do I can't go around pretending I don't any more. Even if it was something I didn't really want to know - a sure sign it might be something I really needed to know...But you never know... I jusddt need to know it may not be the last word on the subject, I could change my mind at any moment. Meanwhile for my own sanity's sake, for my own mortally challenged time-being,, I need to constantly re-assess what I think I know, digest and deal with it as best I can, knowing it may not be the last word on the subject, I could change my mind at any moment...Which must give us a clue what knowledge really is : passing thoughts and fancies...? Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Do I know what I'm talking about? My journey to enlightenment or otherwise...How I got to be where I don't really know where I am today...who I am or what I am really...a prisoner of technology? A product of social engineering? Or a free spirit in full flight from a reality that may be more real than I like to think I know it is...Meanwhile for my own sanity's sake I just need to know I don't yet know enough to reach a final conclusion! It's the wisdom of the ages. The seeds of intelligent progress. All this knowledge passed down from the ancients. Let's face it, a lot of people put a lot of thought into this, it didn't just spring up out of nowhere...Or if it did, who knows, eventually I might know exactly where that is : nowhere where nobody lives! So I'll never have to change my mind about anything ever again, cause there'll be nobody around to tell me any different!

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