Steve Bellwood - Talking
Stand-up Story Teller, Playwright & Poet
"As I lay there for my final session on that hospital trolley, being blood-suckered and monitored for significant signs of life, I couldn't help marvelling how amazingly simple life is should we not pretend to be something we're not."

"They're not here really, but they should be, so I made them up. Do you think it was fair to give you no chance. I could have said anything and you would never have known if I was lying or not."

"Let's pretend. We have to pretend sometime, otherwise we could never be any better than we really are. And the world would be such a dull occasion.We'd be making-do, and making-do is such a shabby way to live..."

"I'm not doing anything, I just want everybody to say hello to God! The cop called for back-up, it took seven of them to wrestle him away from God. They shoved him in the ice-cream van and hauled him off to the nearest lock-up. Next day he was transferred to the state mental institution. Meanwhile God was taken to the nearest vet and very efficiently put out of his misery."

"Then circumstance reared its head, we raised our eyes and looked around at all this daily life just carrying on and on and on, so doggedly determinedly mundanely retracing its step by step by step...with such unforgiving consequence. And may my gods forgive me, it made me doubt the reality of my lovely, lively and unlonely dream."

"She led me up the garden-path into the fairy-taled woods and dumped me there with no choice but having to find my own way home."

"Recycling and composting, of material and ideas, is the only way to keep the world sustainably fresh. Novelty is merely that. To be blindly committed to fashion is a sure path to personal if not global obsolescence."

"I should write as I speak, otherwise I should keep my mind shut."

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